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If you aren’t yet familiar with the salon suite model, salon suites are buildings/locations where independent business owners rent private rooms, which typically include sinks and beauty salon furniture. This model is now evolving and we are beginning to see chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, and many more jumping ship from employers or costly building rent, etc. and finding their business home within these locations.

We cater to all hair, beauty, health and wellness professionals looking to start their own business in an upmarket private salon setting. Lease a Salon Suite, it’s your own Salon for a similar price of renting a chair! Then set your own hours and prices, and never worry about the hassle of the furnishing, maintenance or the overheads that come with leasing an entire building. We are specialists in designing and building Salon Suite locations throughout the UK.

Your success at your new suite is very important to us. Promoting your new business and location is a complimentary service we extend to all our new, one year lease tenants. We will print your new Business Cards and Postcards to inform your clients of your new location. If you currently don’t have a logo for your company we will work with our advertising team to create one.

We will also install your full colour logo on the glass door of your Suite. It looks professional and will add to your Suite’s ambiance.

Noise insulated walls throughout!

A private Suite is not private without insulated walls!

All the OPOLLO Suites come standard with fully insulated walls so you and your client can enjoy your privacy.

A/C thermostat in every Suite!

Control your Suite’s temperature without compromises! An A/C thermostat is installed in every suite. Just set the temperature you wish, close your door and enjoy your work!

A whisper quite ventilation system is also installed on every Suite.

It turns on with your lights and continue to ventilate your Suite throughout the day without noise or interruptions.

Scott C. Lucy
Founder & CEO



Stylist & Single Mum

My Salon Suite rocks! As a single mum, being in control of my time and which days I work is something I could never get when I used to rent chairs in different salon locations.



I decided to go self employed in 2017. With Scott’s help I now have two barbershop salons and have the lifestyle and time freedom that suits me.



I love working in my own private salon suite. It really does suit me and my clients to be in the centre of town plus it gives me so much more flexibility.

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Salon Suites Preview

We offer turnkey, luxury salon suites empowering cosmetologists to start their own beauty brands more easily than ever before. When you lease a salon suite you not only become your own boss, you get to control your schedule, keep more profits, grow your personal brand, and customise your suite to cater to your clientele.  Our salons suites are made up of people like yourself – hairstylists, make up artists, barbers, aestheticians, sugar/waxing specialists, Botox treatment, Tattoo removal and more!

See how creative some of our independent professionals are with their own business!